Do you want to use the opportunity of new markets and position your products?

The development of new products and processes is time-consuming and costly. More important it is to carry these activities out in connection to economic success and to establish yourself in the right markets. abc supports you as an internationally experienced project developer in the successful launch of your innovative products on an international level. We use our extensive network of contacts in Asia, North & South America, Africa and of course the EU Member States.

Your needs and capabilities as a basis

Our goal is to develop a tailored plan adapted to your individual needs and resources. This includes in the first step a detailed information collection phase involving your company and development idea. abc does not charge for this first phase, which in any case constitutes the necessary foundation for a trusting and long-term cooperation.

Market information services

As a first step, we prepare for you an analysis of the target market, where we compile information relevant for your portfolio about the countries of interest such as, political and legal framework, current market opportunities and trends, trading conditions, technical conditions and procedures in force for import.

Business contacts services

In this case we define together a market entry model and use our network in the country of interest to provide you with appropriate contacts:  potential partner companies and institutional decision-makers, so you can have direct on-site contact with them. This services package also serves to identify suitable funding programs, which could support the next steps and possible investors.

Market research & development services

This includes all activities in the target country:  Business trips to target countries, organization of local events and meetings involving various cooperation and distribution partners, presence in fairs, active initiating contacts and networking in the target country and contact maintenance. abc supports you actively in the preparation and execution and gives you room to be able to continue focusing on your core business.

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